Evaluation of Cyber Security System

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The whole world is categorized technically in cyber secured or cyber unsecured system.

What is Cyber Security System?

Cybersecurity is referring to technologies and process designed to prevent hardware and software from unauthorized access. Internet connects any individual sitting in corner of the home or any building with the whole world through the World Wide Web network. Various activities can remotely do such as billing, payment, travel, friend’s connectivity, location etc. If, system or company is not secured then anyone can deal with organized crime through hacking. Hackers spread out virus through the mail and it might affect globally many companies and hard drives of any individual person. As data is transferred in form of digits and now 93% of the money is digitized.

Cyber Security

How Security System categorized?

  • Communication security
  • Network security
  • Information security

Cybersecurity is categorized communication security in which our emails social sites. Are password protected? Our address, locations are secured. Network security ensures protections regarding information and data that is being sent through our internet provider. The main responsibility of network security is to protect company or infrastructure from the attack of virus and fake websites.

  • Firewalls
  • Anti-virus software
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS)
  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Are basic components used as network security system?

How Cyber unsecured system effects?

  • Illegal interception
  • Illegal access
  • Organized Cybercrime
  • Misuse of devices
  • Data interferences

What preventions needed for modern infrastructure?

  • Cloud computing provides a strong background
  • Ongoing Training provided

Extra security such as Fire Eye or silence it is a huge cloud which prevents threat detected on windows, MAC. Extra layering security is provided to protect any system from a threat in a company.

  • Precautions during an online transaction
  • Don’t put personal information online
  • Ensure your smartphone secured
  • Biometric passwords used for authentication
  • Make your password much complex and different for social sites and mail id.

What are the opportunities for cybersecurity?

    • Rapidly growing industry and companies needed a chief security instructor.
    • Demand of Qualified Information security professionals growing
    • Security Engineer should be knowable in LAN WAN and MAN techniques.
  • Security software developer